Pertronix Unit for 009 Distributor

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Never Replace Points Again when you replace points with an Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit!

PerTronix Ignitor products are the best-selling electronic ignition conversions on the market. Many classic and vintage cars, trucks, boats, tractors, and other vehicles came with mechanical breaker points within the distributor to trigger the ignition spark. Breaker points have many limitations including continual wear that changes the dwell, bouncing at high RPM that causes misfires and the need for constant maintenance. 

PerTronix Ignitors solves these problems by replacing mechanical points with a dependable electronic ignition module design that never requires adjustment or replacement. In addition, it allows your engine to REV to a higher RPM because we've removed mechanical limitations or points bounce. PerTronix is also committed to today's fuel and emissions standards that require having a clean spark to efficiently burn fuel and maintain our environment.

Ignitor electronic ignition modules are extremely easy to install and fit into your original distributor to maintain your stock look. No additional ignition box is required keeping a clean look under the hood.

Ignitors are available for most all distributors that came with mechanical breaker points and will cover AUTOMOTIVE, MARINE, INDUSTRIAL, and AGRICULTURE applications.