1776cc T1 Engine Kit - Long Block

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1776cc Engine Kit - Long Block
This is what you will need to put your bottom end together in your case.  
All New Parts
  • FORGED 69mm Chromoly Crankshaft
  • FORGED Mahle Piston & Cylinders in 90.5.
  • FORGED Chromoly Race Rods
  • Cylinder Heads - 40x35.5 Valves
  • Genuine highest quality Silverline Main, Mahle Rod & Mahle Cam Bearings.
  • Mild Camshaft & Gear
  • All Gaskets & Seals
  • Pushrods & Pushrod Tubes


Engle W100/W110
69mm Crankshaft
Stock Connecting Rods - Balanced & Clearanced
90.5mm Cast Pistons & Cylinders
Cylinder Heads  -  40 x 35.5
Front Oil Seal 
Rear Main Seal 
Gasket Set 
Pushrod Tubes 
Pushrod Tube Shims 
Engine Hardware Kit 
Cam Plug 
Brass Dizzy Drive Gear 
Crank Woodruff Key 
Main Dowel Pins - Set of 5 
Main Bearings 
Rod Bearings 
HD Double Thrust Cam Bearings 
T1 Oil Pump - Full Flow 
Oil Pump Cover - Full Flow 
Oil Filter Blockoff Plate 
Galley Plug Kit - Full Flow 
Pick Up Screen 
Oil Cooler 
Head Stud Kit - Standard Length - Chromoly
Coated Lifters - WEB 
Chromoly Pushrods 
HD Rocker Shafts 
FAT - Billet Rocker Spacers 
Valve Adjuster Nuts 
Valve Adjusters 
HD Rocker Arm Nuts 
Modified Cam Gear 
Cam Bolts 
200mm Flywheel 
200mm Clutch Kit
NGK Spark Plugs
Engine Sealant Kit 
1211 3-Bond Sealant