1776cc Economy Short Block

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fat   Economy Build

This is a Short Block with all new components built with the same quality that all of our Custom Motors get. 
We take the time and effort to make sure every part is correct and assembled with our 47 years of experience. 
We build these motors to be durable and last.
NEW Aluminum or Magnesium case with all of the upgrades, shuffle pinned, full flowed
  •  90.5mm Piston & Cylinder Kit 
  •  69mm  4340 Chromoly Crankshaft 
  •  Silverline Main Bearings, Mahle Rod & Cam Bearings 
  •  HD T1 Crank Gear Kit 
  •  FLYWHEEL Stock 12-volt 200mm Flywheel 
  •  Chromoly gland nut and heavy-duty washers
  •  Stock grind Camshaft with gear