Motor Rebuilds

We are your premier location for rebuilding your air cooled motor. Our motor builders take the necessary steps to ensure that your build is done correct and with the attention to detail that you would expect. 

Rebuilding your Motor is the best way to save the most money. We tear down complete and quote you then build you the best motor you will ever have. 


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  • 914 PORSCHE

  • 911 PORSCHE

Our process:

  1. Tear down - Each motor is disassembled with a careful eye to see if there is any problems that will need to be addressed in the build. 
  2. Inspection - We clean & inspect every part to make sure that it meets our high standards to reuse in the build. 
  3. Quote Job - At this point we will update any previous quote and communicate the plan of attack.
  4. Build Motor - We will take personal care of the build. All our builders know that dependability & performance of each motor is at the top our responsibility. 
  5. Dyno - All of our builds, including long blocks, will be run on the dyno. This will start the break in of the cam, lifters and piston rings. At this point our motor builds will get tuned. 


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Before & After

Complete rebuild 914 Porsche




Other builds


 Type 4 motor rebuild FAT Performance