2056cc Type IV Short Block

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fat   Performance Build  TYPE IV


This is a complete Type IV Short Block with all new components built with the same quality of all of our Custom Motors. 
We take the time and effort to make sure every part is correct and assembled with our 47 years of experience. 
We build these motors to be durable and last. 
2056cc  - Short Block
FC 442 Camshaft       /      FC 440 If Smog
71mm  2.0 Crankshaft
2.0 Connecting Rods - Balanced & Clearanced
Front Oil Seal 
Rear Main Seal 
Gasket Set 
Engine Hardware Kit 
Cam Plug 
Brass Dizzy Drive Gear 
Crank Woodruff Key 
Main Dowel Pins - Set of 5 
Main Bearings 
Rod Bearings 
HD Double Thrust Cam Bearings 
30mm Type 4 Modified Oil Pump - Full Flow 
Oil Pump Cover - Full Flow 
Galley Plug Kit
Pick Up Screen 
Cam Bolts 
Flywheel Bolts - Heavy Duty 
1211 3-Bond Sealant
Align Bored
Tap Oil Galleys