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We offer Performance Motors & Economy Motors. All of our motors are assembled with the same process the only difference is the components used. 

Economy Series 

  • For those customers looking for a lower cost, our Economy Series is for you. 
  • Trusted Parts that are perfect for daily drivers 

Performance Series

  • Built with the upgraded internal parts. 
  • Upgraded Parts that we using in our Custom Motors


We also use the same skills and technical knowledge to build the highest quality Type I VW engine for other applications. Whether you need a Type I engine for a vintage car, a kit car, a Porsche replica, a sand or off-road buggy we can design and build a complete dyno-tested  engine or supply the parts for your own build.

All builds are with NEW parts balanced and clearanced.  

  • - Short Block
  • - Long Block
  • - Complete Motor

Offroad Motors

 FAT Type I VW engines are built to take full advantage of SCORE limited class rules.  These Class1/2/5 1600, Class 9 and SCORE LITES engines are built with a new case and heads, Mahle or JE Pistons, Total Seal rings, FAT headers, new modified carburetors, blueprinted Melling oil pumps, Kennedy clutch and disc, and many other quality parts. *Long Block & Complete include Dyno Service

* All Short Block & Long Blocks are built to 8.5 to 1 compression 

All FAT engines are dyno-tested and race-ready on delivery.

If you would like a custom build or see something that you would like to add, please feel free to call any time. 


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