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 FAT Type I VW engines are built to take full advantage of SCORE limited class rules.  These Class1/2/5 1600, Class 9 and SCORE LITES engines are built with a new case and heads, Mahle or JE Pistons, Total Seal rings, FAT headers, new modified carburetors, blueprinted Melling oil pumps, Kennedy clutch and disc, and many other quality parts.  All FAT engines are dyno-tested and race-ready on delivery.

We also use the same skills and technical knowledge to build the highest quality Type I VW engine for other applications. Whether you need a Type I engine for a vintage car, a kit car, a Porsche replica, a sand or off-road buggy we can design and build a complete dyno-tested  engine or supply the parts for your own build.

All builds are with NEW parts balanced and clearanced.  

  • - Short Block
  • - Long Block
  • - Complete Motor


*Long Block & Complete include Dyno Service

* All Short Block & Long Blocks are built to 8.5 to 1 compression