Car Cleaning Cloths,Premium Ultra Thick Plush Detailing Microfiber Wash Towels

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  • 15 x 17"
  • Delicate texture,soft,skin-friendly and fast drying.Lint-free and scratch-free,do not fade and dropping.Pack comes with three different towel colors on one side(green,yellow,and orange)
  • 100% Machine Washable - Towel edge is more solid and the line is not easy to break.Repeated and after repeated washing is still as new.As the ultra-fine fiber strength,toughness is good.It’s easy to clean after use.
  • Double Side and 2 Layers Plush - Different colors on both sides.Can absorb up to almost 10 times their weight in liquid.Not Only sucks up water fast,but also wrings out quickly and easily.
  • Durable And Multi-Purpose - Perfect for interior and exterior car detailing such as applying spray wax and dashboard protectant,removing wax and polishes, applying leather cleaner and great for buffing out a beautiful shine.Perfect for household cleaning and dusting.
  • Guranteed To Work - Love these towels or we'll send your money back!If our auto detailing towels don't meet or exceed your expectations,we will give you a full refund.